Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Long

Turn to an experienced insulation company serving the Mount Hermon & Franklinton, LA area

Searching for a reliable insulation company? Look no further than Southern Comfort Insulation. We offer top-quality insulation services in Mount Hermon & Franklinton, LA and surrounding areas. With more than 8 years of hands-on experience, our team can handle even the toughest insulation jobs.

We know how to install:

Fiberglass insulation
Blown insulation
Spray foam insulation

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Don't skimp on your insulation

You might have a high-performance HVAC system, but unless your home is well-insulated, you're going to have a hard time keeping it comfortable. Don't let outside air slip in through the cracks - protect your home with fiberglass or spray foam insulation from Southern Comfort Insulation.

It might be time to install new insulation if:

You energy bills have increased recently
You haven't replaced your insulation in decades
You're tired of hearing traffic noise through your walls

We work with both residential and commercial clients. Contact us today to schedule insulation services in the Mount Hermon & Franklinton, LA area.